Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bill Gates unable to install Windows 8.1

This is hilarious!  This is obviously fake news. lol.

Bill Gates unable to install Windows 8.1 on first day of work.  Whoever authorized the release of Windows 8 must have been smoking crack.  By the way, Steve Ballmer looked like he was on crack during most of his presentations and that has been my long term assessment of him prior to his departure.  This goes to show that smoking crack and running a company doesn't work!!

Back to the article, if it were real, it would be a novel idea for Microsoft.  They would be giving a sign that Bill Gates will shake things up and take the technology in a new direction.  This gives hope to stockholders and eventually brings stock prices up.  The FIRST ACT in LEADERSHIP of an EMPIRE is to shake the boat and MAKE A BOLD STATEMENT.  To give FAITH and INSPIRATION to the NEW LEADERSHIP.  That the status quo is no longer acceptable.  That things are changing