Saturday, April 29, 2017


When people get hacked, they often asked me if I hacked their system (because I work as a profession hacker)? The answer is NO. I don't have time to hack stupid stuff.  I don't hack for free.  And I don't hack illegally. That's what losers do.

Most often the causes of people being hacked are:

1. they received an email that says they've won $10 million. "Please click here to receive." lol
2. they click on a popup that says their computer is hacked and to install the "anti-virus" software from the popup to clean. often the free "anti-virus" software is the trojan. even if it's not free, it's a scam for people to buy unnecessary software.
3. people are downloading software, music, and movies illegally. STOP IT. that's how people most often get hacked. they often use some kind of torrent software
4. people visiting risky websites and clicking on them.

5. opening an attachment from a friend that contains a funny joke

People should have 

a. a restrictive firewall up
b. anti-virus software running
c. update the software on their system to patched versions
d. and don't do any of the silly things listed in 1-5